What’s Brewing Q&A with Evan Chamberlain


Evan Chamberlain – Green Flash Brewing. Photo by EJ Toudt

Evan Chamberlain, head brewer of the new Green Flash Brewing in Virginia Beach, sat down recently to discuss PLANS FOR THE FUTURE.

What’s your brewing background?
I volunteered at a small brewery in Orange County, California, hand-bottling on the weekends. I worked there for over four years and was the lead brewer for about a year before deciding to move to Green Flash. I came on as a brewer at Green Flash in San Diego, then was promoted to lead and eventually offered the head brewer job out here in Virginia Beach.

What’s this new brewery going to allow you to do that you couldn’t do in San Diego (if anything)?
This brewery is going to allow us to view a lot more data/quantity points with the new automation. This translates to us finding where we can be more efficient with our brewing process. We also have a much better flow path for raw materials in to finished beer out – the building was specifically designed around our brewing process. It will of course also allow for us to more cost-efficiently ship fresh Green Flash beer to the East Coast.

What rare beers or one-offs will you brew here?
Right now, we are focused on getting our core beers brewed and shipped to satisfy demand for those beers on the East Coast. I am sure we will eventually brew rare beers at this facility, but we are taking things one step at a time, starting with the basics.

What advantage do people living around Hampton Roads have with a big brewery nearby (as opposed to the ones we have now)?
We have very large tasting room and beer garden where people can come enjoy the beers right here, at the source. It is a great community gathering place, unlike anything else in the area. And, I think people will also enjoy seeing the larger scale brewing process and packaging operations on the tours. We offer a great variety of beers on tap here.

What’s your favorite style of beer to brew and to drink?
My favorite style to brew is the IPA, because it makes the whole brewery smell fantastic. My current favorite style to drink is a stout, as it is perfect for these colder months.

Thoughts on the Virginia beer scene?
The scene out here is great, some people are making amazing beers. Folks have been nothing but supportive and friendly to us. I hope that our presence will help push the scene a little further, and make Virginia an even more popular destination for people looking to tour a few breweries and try some amazing craft beers!

Author: Robyn Sidersky

Robyn Sidersky writes about Virginia Beach news and beer. She writes a beer column called "Did Somebody Say Beer?'' for the Virginia Beach Beacon.

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  1. This guy has made incredible beers. He is making a great name for himself.

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