Potters Craft Hop Cider – Virginia Cider

potters-cider-smallHop Cider
Potter’s Craft Cider | ABV: 8.5%
Apples: Albemarle Pippin and Gold Rush
Hops: Amarillo and Citra
Appearance: Almost the color of water with a faint yellow hue.
Aroma: Tropical with hints of guava, peach and apricot.
Taste: Hoppy, but you wouldn’t know it was the hops showing if no one told you. Slightly tart with flavors of pineapple and kiwi.
Mouthfeel: Very dry. Leaves the palate watering for more.
Drinkability: Potter’s uses a cold infusion process to add the hop flavor, giving it the fruit characteristics without the bitterness. This style is a great way to introduce an IPA drinker to the world of ciders.
Food Pairing: Blue cheese or spicy green curry.

Author: Malia Paasch

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