A pint with Erica Greenway and Jason Marks


Erica Greenway: Morning Anchor at WTKR News 3 Jason Marks: Five-time Emmy Award winning reporter at WAVY-TV. Photo by Jessica Shea

What’s your favorite thing about being a reporter?

EG: That every day is so different. You come to work and you never know what’s going to happen. You’re always in the know about what’s going on, and it’s just interesting.

JM: I like being able to help people. That’s my favorite part. We do a lot of stories that people can’t imagine; the stuff that we see – the homicides and some of the really sad stuff. But the best part about it is when you go home and you know you were able to help, whether it’s the person who got scammed, or the person who lost their house in a fire. As soon as you get off air, the phone calls start pouring in … and you’re able to change that person’s life.


What was the most memorable interview or story you ever did?

EG: Always a tough question for me, because we do so many different types of stories. The ones that stick with me are the fatal car crashes, because that’s really the kind of thing that can impact anyone. Sometimes I have to interview families who’ve lost teenagers or kids in crashes, and that’s really hard to cover.

JM: There was this young girl who had brain cancer and they were having this fashion shoot for cancer patients. All of the models were people who have beaten cancer. We worked so hard. It aired and it was great. And then she passed away shortly after that. That one stands out. You get so close to someone and they pass away. She was only, like, 14 or 15.


Have you ever had a major screw up on the air or a blooper?

JM: I was doing a story about a fire out in a rural county, like so rural the fire hydrant was
2 miles away. They were shuttling water back and forth. And, it’s hard to explain, but when you’re on the air, you’re thinking about things before they come out of your mouth, and I was having trouble remembering the word for “fire hydrant” and I said, “They are shuttling water back and forth from the … water thingy.”

EG: When you are covering the weather, all kinds of people want to be on air. There was one time I was down at the Boardwalk and … there were two guys out there and I knew they wanted to be on TV. You could tell they were up to something; they were just creeping in the background. Finally, as soon as I was going on air, they started stripping their clothes off and I was like, “Of course.”


You two are married, how did you meet?

JM: She was an intern at WAVY. She was dating our sports guy at the time. I got close to the sports guy. We are still close to this day. Every Monday night we would do poker. Erica came, and I thought she was attractive. So I actually won her in a poker game (laughs).

EG: That is not true (laughing). That is not true. That was the first time we met, but we were just friends for a few years. I used to send him my resume tape. And he was really harsh. You made me cry one time.

JM: I know. Well, I’m very harsh.

JM: She sent me a text one day and said, “Hey, nice story.” It was Mother’s Day weekend. I asked her if she wanted to get together, but she blew me off and said, “Call me back for Father’s Day.”

EG: I was living in West Virginia at the time.

JM: Sure enough, Father’s Day weekend she came into town and we went out on that Friday night, and we’ve talked every day since.


When did you get into craft beer?

EG: I always have liked trying new stuff.
Jason was a slower convert. He was always a Bud Light drinker.

JM: I started with Devil’s Backbone’s Vienna Lager. Good gateway beer. At the same time I started drinking the blonde at Big Ugly. Somehow along the way I went from blondes to IPAs. I don’t know how it happened. Now it’s the hoppier the beer the better.


How did you meet your partner Darrell Cuenca (formerly of Big Ugly Brewing Company)?

JM: We (he and Darrell) started hanging out in the same circles and we became closer, then we became roommates, and eventually we became a common law marriage (laughs). Literally, he is a member of the family.


What is the story behind the name Deadline Brewing?

JM: Erica said, “What about something in news? We are all in news.” Darrell was a former sports writer. So we started looking at that. There is a term in television, at the end of a story … called a “Standard Out.” So it became Standard Out. The issue was, there was a Standard Brewing somewhere. So we didn’t love that. Then someone said, “What about Deadline?”

Now we are looking at names of beers and we are going to name them after, not just television names, but also newspaper names … .


What will the décor be like?

JM: We want a place where you feel at home and comfortable. Some places are kind of cold. Obviously it will have a news feel. Maybe a quote wall from different broadcasters. On the other wall will be … Virginian-Pilot covers. Bringing that mix of television and print journalism.

EG: And bringing the history of our area in, too.


Where will the brewery be?

JM: Off of Shore Drive and West Great Neck Road. We looked at it and we were just like, “This is it.” The money was right. The
location was right. It’s right off a bike path. It’s across from Citrus.


When will you be open?

EG: We know when we want to be open. June.

JM: It’s a floating date. We have done all we can do. Now it’s up to the contractors.

EG: We’re hoping.


Author: EJ Toudt

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  1. It is so cool to find this out. I watch Erica Greenway every morning. I hope your brewery goes gangbusters!
    Now for something totally different. What’s with IPA’s ! I just don’t get it. I’m all in on ales, really love reds, I steer clear of stouts, but IPA’s are HARSH! Seriously, what is the attraction for connoisseurs? Anyone?

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  2. Great interview. Looking forward to stopping by the new watering hole.

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