HOMEBREW RECIPE: Wanchese Marsh Mud

Historically good alternative to hoppy

“…The profits and pleasures
of stout British beer”
From an English drinking song, 1757

Guinness Draught was, for many of us, an introduction to stout and imported beer. A rich, creamy, dark and malty beer that was flavorful and easy to drink. At the time it was considered exotic to our American taste buds.

Times have changed, but Stouts continue to be an important beer to drinkers and brewers. Many look forward to special releases like Founders Breakfast Stout, Hardywood Gingerbread Stout and O’Connors Bold Man Oyster Stout. The beer remains a tasty alternative to our hop-centric environment.

Wanchese Marsh Mud Recipe

By Brian & Robin Winnett, of Wanchese, N.C.
O.G. 1.079; F.G. 1.02; ABV 7.78%; IBU 49.68

12 lb American 2 row; 1 lb chocolate malt;
.75 lb roasted barley
.5 lb Carafa 1: .5 lb caramel 120; 1 lb flaked oats
2 oz unsweetened bakers chocolate
4 oz Kona Coffee 10 min (cold brew in 1 qt/water
for 24hrs)
1 oz. nugget first wort; .5 oz Willamette 60 min;
.5 oz Willamette 30 min
.5 tsp Irish Moss 15 min: .25 tsp yeast nutrient 15 min

Mash 2 row, caramel malt, flaked oats at 155 for 60 min. Add other dark grains just before mash out. Sparge at 170, enough to get 5 gal post boil. Add nugget hops right before boil. Add bakers chocolate at beginning of boil (60 min). Follow steps then for fermentation pitch yeast WLP001 California Ale Yeast at 68F. Condition for at least six weeks before bottling.


Author: Paul Lawson

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