First Fruit by Foggy Ridge Cider – Virginia Cider Review

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Foggy Ridge Cider | ABV: 7%
Apples: Hewe’s Crab, Harrison and Parmar
Appearance: Pours a pale golden color with a hint of green.
Aroma: Tropical bouquet of pears, papaya, and apricots.
Taste: Citrus dominant with hints of grapefruit accompanied by a touch of honey sweetness and kiwi.
Mouthfeel: Leaves palate clean.
Drinkability: The dryness of this cider makes it very drinkable. Various tropical fruit flavors dance on the tongue; perfect for someone looking for a well-balanced sweetness.
Food Pairing: Sharp vintage English cheddar or with pork tenderloin.

Author: Malia Paasch

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