Cherry Chocolate Mead

Cherry Chocolate Meadcherrychoco

A Sweet Mead
By Norm Strimel and Rob Stewart
O.G. 1.138: S.G. 1.013: ABV 16.4%

• 24 lbs of local blackberry honey
• 4 lbs of dark sweet cherries (crushed & pressed)
• 1 cup cocoa powder
• Wyeast – Extreme Ferment (Wyeast 4347)
• 4 teaspoons Super Ferment

Dissolve honey in 5 gallons of water. Add cocoa, bring to a simmer (not boil) and stir often to create “must.” Add to primary fermenter. Crush and press cherries. Add juice and cherry skins to primary fermenter.
Top off to 6 gallons with water.

Add yeast and nutrient. Ferment in primary, stirring twice daily. After three to four weeks, transfer to secondary fermenter leaving behind sediment. Sit for three months, then bottle.

Author: Paul Lawson

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