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The heat and humidity of Tidewater summers lead many beer drinkers to seek a refreshing, lighter, and lower-alcohol alternative.

Goses, pale ales, and ciders are tasty examples. But for me, an American blonde or golden ale is the perfect summer beer.

These beers are low in bitterness and not too malty in flavor. The alcohol by volume is usually in the 4 to 5 percent range, making it a thirst quenching brew and a hit at cookouts or when you have to mow the lawn.

Some local examples of American blondes include Green Can by O’Connor Brewing Company and New Recruit by Young Veterans Brewing Company.

Here’s an easy, all grain American blonde recipe (5 gallon) to make and enjoy.

Beach Blonde

OG: 1.057; FG: 1.015; ABV: 5.5%; IBUs: 32
10 lbs pale malt (2 row)
1 lb Carapils/Dextrine
1 oz Hallertauer hops, 60 min
1 oz Centennial hops, 15 min
1 pkg Safale American US-05 yeast
Mash 60 minutes 156 F. Sparge 168 F, boil 60 minutes. Add hops per above. Ferment in primary for 14 days at 67 F. Bottle/keg, age for four weeks.

Author: Paul Lawson

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